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Three Reasons Your Child May Need a Tooth Extraction

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It is almost always preferable to try and preserve a person's natural teeth — including a child's teeth — but there are certain scenarios when tooth extraction may be unavoidable or even critical for the overall dental health and wellness of the patient. For children in particular, many parents wonder whether pulling a tooth can be avoided — especially when the tooth in question is a baby tooth, which would be due to fall out eventually anyway. Here, Allen, TX pediatric dentist Dr. Yvonne Felli of Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics outlines three common reasons why a child may need their tooth pulled and provides helpful information on what to expect with a pediatric tooth extraction.

Why would a kid need their tooth pulled?

There are a variety of situations when pulling a child's tooth may be the most appropriate course of action. Prior to recommending tooth extraction, Dr. Felli will explore all other options and attempt to save the natural tooth if possible. However, it may ultimately be found that pulling a child's tooth offers the best opportunity to restore or preserve their overall health, long-term dental development, or other reasons. Three of the most common reasons for pediatric tooth extraction include:

1. Severe tooth decay

When a child's tooth (whether it be a baby tooth or an adult tooth that has already grown in) becomes decayed, damaged, infected, or compromised beyond repair, it may be necessary to pull the tooth to restore the child's oral health and prevent worsening complications.

2. Crowding

In many cases, children's teeth can become overcrowded, which prevents the normal eruption of new teeth and also complicates the initiation of orthodontic treatments. By pulling one or more teeth, additional space can be made in the mouth to allow for more appropriate development and spacing in the future.

3. Impacted wisdom teeth

Another common reason for tooth extraction in teens and children is the removal of wisdom teeth, which are often impacted beneath the gumline. Impacted, wisdom teeth can cause a number of adverse consequences, including pain, swelling, tenderness, infection, and even damage to other teeth. Even when a wisdom tooth is able to erupt above the gumline, it can contribute to severe crowding and spacing issues, which may make it necessary to pursue wisdom tooth extraction.

How does pediatric tooth extraction work?

The specific details of your child's tooth extraction will vary depending on why their tooth is being pulled, which and/or how many teeth are being pulled, their age and anxiety level, and other factors. Dr. Felli and our caring team understand that many children have dental anxiety, especially around having a tooth pulled, and we are happy to discuss our range of sedation options — including nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation — that can help keep your child comfortable and relaxed throughout their procedure.

Give your child the most comfortable and caring experience possible for their pediatric tooth extraction in Allen, TX

If your child is facing a tooth extraction, or if you have suspicions that your child may need their tooth pulled, we are here to help ensure a thorough, compassionate, and comfortable experience. For more information about your options for a childhood tooth extraction, call Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics to schedule your child's dental exam and evaluation with Allen, TX pediatric dentistry specialist Dr. Yvonne Felli today.

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