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Are Sealants Necessary for My Child's Teeth?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 06/21/2024

Looking for the best way to protect your child's teeth from cavities? Dental sealants are thin coatings that provide safe, long-lasting protection.


Is My Kid a Good Candidate for Invisalign® Treatment?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 05/18/2024

Learn about Invisalign treatment for children and how clear aligners can provide a simpler solution to teeth straightening without using metal braces.


How Can Parents Encourage Good Oral Hygiene Habits in Their Toddlers?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 04/12/2024

Unlock your toddler's best smile with Dr. Yvonne Felli and her team, where pediatric dentistry meets fun, healthy oral hygiene habits.


The Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry for Healthier Smiles

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 04/11/2024

Pediatric dental services can help set your child up for a lifetime of good dental and oral health — along with a beautiful smile,


Three Reasons Your Child May Need a Tooth Extraction

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 02/29/2024

Explore three common reasons why a child may need to have a tooth pulled and learn what to expect during a baby tooth extraction.


How to Safeguard Your Child’s Teeth Against Tooth Decay

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 01/08/2024

Tooth decay is preventable with the right safeguards in place. Our pediatric dental team can help lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


How Often Should Children Have Dental Cleanings?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 12/15/2023

Dental cleanings ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles, but how many professional cleanings are needed for routine pediatric dental care in Allen, TX?


What Can Cause Tooth Decay in Children?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 11/01/2023

Before you can shield your child from tooth decay, it’s also imperative to understand the underlying causes of tooth decay.


How Should I Prepare My Child for Dental Sedation?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 10/06/2023

Sedation dentistry can help ensure a child's comfort while delivering an effective treatment and a positive dental experience.


When Is a Frenectomy Necessary for Your Child?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 09/09/2023

Our practice is a testament to modern dental solutions, specializing in pediatric frenectomies using state-of-the-art laser technology.


The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry for Children

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 08/20/2023

Pediatric dentistry in Allen, TX is about establishing lifelong habits and ensuring children have a healthy relationship with oral wellness.


How Can Prolonged Thumb Sucking Affect My Child's Teeth?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 07/30/2023

Thumb sucking may induce several dental challenges for a child, including dental misalignment, and speech and swallowing problems.


Four Tips to Help Improve Your Child's Bad Breath

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 06/24/2023

A pediatric dentist in Allen, TX, can improve your child's oral health. See how to improve bad breath, or halitosis, through excellent at-home care.


How Can I Make Dental Visits More Fun for My Kids?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 05/29/2023

How Can I Make Dental Visits More Fun for My Kids?


How Early Can Kids Begin Flossing?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 04/29/2023

The specific age your child should start flossing depends on the formation of their teeth, but there are some guidelines you can follow.


What Can Fluoride Treatments Do for My Child's Teeth?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 03/31/2023

Fluoride treatments can benefit your child’s teeth in many diverse and different ways to help their oral and dental health.


How do You Care for Your Baby's New Teeth

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 02/28/2023

There are many ways you can learn how to take care of your baby’s new teeth. Keep reading to learn more.


How Are Dental Sedation Levels Chosen for Children?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 01/28/2023

The right levels and type of dental sedation can help your child feel at ease during their next visit.


How is Tongue and Lip-tie Caused in Children and Adults?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 12/29/2022

Tongue-tie and lip-tie can affect both adults and children, but it is never too late to have the condition corrected.


How Can I Tell If My Child Needs to See an Emergency Dentist?

Dr. Yvonne Felli | 11/30/2022

You can tell if your child needs an emergency dentist by various symptoms they may be experiencing.


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