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Children's Dental Appliances in Allen, TX

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What Are Dental Appliances?

Dental appliances can be used for a variety of reasons. We may suggest a habit appliance for children that need help breaking a thumb-sucking habit, expanders to give adult teeth more room to grow, or retainers after braces or to maintain a proper bite. At Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, pediatric dentists Dr. Yvonne Felli and Dr. Ajikwaga Felli are happy to work with children to help them have the best smile for their mouth. We work closely with professional dental labs to create high-quality, customized appliances for your child to receive successful treatments. To protect and enhance your child's smile, contact our Allen, TX office today.

What Are the Benefits of Children's Dental Appliances?

Children's dental appliances at Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry provide essential benefits for guiding the proper development of teeth and jaws. These orthodontic devices help prevent future dental issues and support overall oral health. Some of the benefits of dental appliances for children are:

  • Corrects teeth alignment early
  • Guides jaw growth and development
  • Reduces the need for extensive orthodontic treatment later
  • Improves bite and chewing function
  • Enhances overall oral hygiene

What Can I Expect from My Child's Dental Appliance?

To make a dental appliance, our talented team will take impressions of the lower and upper arches of your child's mouth. We will send these molds to our dental lab where they will craft your child's appliance out of the highest quality materials. When your child's device arrives, we will have you come in so we can fit or bond into place. One of our pediatric dentists will make any adjustments to ensure your child's device fits comfortably.

Habit (thumb and finger) appliances: These devices, either fixed or removable, attach to your child's upper teeth and prevents them from pressing their fingers and thumbs against the roof of their mouth and gums behind the front teeth.

Palatal expanders: Expanders have brackets that connect to the teeth, which connect to hardware that goes across the roof of your child's mouth. Right in the middle of this hardware is a small hole for a key that stretches the arch to make more room.

Retainers: We offer three kinds of retainers based on each child's needs. A Hawley retainer (the most frequently used kind of retainer) is composed of shaped wires, plastic, and clasps that can be removed. A removable clear retainer is worn similarly to a clear teeth aligner. A fixed retainer can't be taken out of the mouth since it is secured to the back of the teeth on both or just one arch.

Whether your child has received a habit appliance, expander, or retainer, we will work with you to teach you the best way to keep the appliance, as well as your child's mouth, clean. Routine exams and dental cleanings will still be an important aspect of your child's oral health.

Children's Dental Appliances FAQ

Can thumb sucking affect my child’s teeth?

Yes, it can. Thumb sucking can create crowded or crooked teeth and contribute to bite problems. If children continue to suck their thumb or fingers when their permanent teeth come in, we may recommend a habit appliance.

How long do children usually need to wear braces?

How long a child needs to wear braces will depend on the dental issues being addressed, but the average length of time is about two years.

My child has a large space between their two front teeth — should I be concerned?

Most spaces between a child’s teeth will close over a few years as their permanent teeth come in. During regular dental checkups, Drs. Yvonne and Ajikwaga Felli will monitor your child’s teeth and determine if a dental appliance is necessary or not.

Custom Dental Appliances

Dental appliances can be an important aspect of creating a straight, healthy mouth and oral routine. At our child-centered dental practice, Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, pediatric dentists Drs. Yvonne and Ajikwaga Felli offer habit appliances, expanders, and retainers to improve your child's oral health and wellness. To find out more or to schedule a consultation, contact our Allen, TX office.

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