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Nerve Treatments in Allen, TX

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What are Nerve Treatments?

If your child has a cavity that has grown large and is close to the nerve of the tooth, a “nerve treatment” may be necessary. Even if the tooth in question is a baby tooth, it's important that these teeth are not lost prematurely due to trauma or infection. Most parents think this procedure will be more uncomfortable for their child; however, this is not the case. Once your child is numb (as is done for a filling), he or she shouldn't notice the difference between this procedure and a filling. In most cases, once a nerve treatment is needed for a tooth, a subsequent crown will be placed on that same tooth to seal out any bacteria and continue to protect it.

What Can I Expect from My Child's Nerve Treatment?

If your child's tooth is in pain or cracked, their gums are swollen, or the pulp of their tooth is exposed, it's time to schedule an appointment at our Allen, TX office. These symptoms may require nerve treatment (pulpotomy) to protect the health of the tooth in question. At the start of this procedure, we will numb your child similarly to how we do when filling a cavity. During this 30 – 45-minute procedure, Dr. Yvonne Felli or Dr. Ajikwaga Felli will carefully remove any decay surrounding the tooth in question, then will open the pulp chamber using a small dental drill to drill through the enamel. Once we reach the pulp, we will remove the coronal pulp and take a few minutes to stop any bleeding. From there, we will treat and cover the remaining pulp with special medication and seal it. We may suggest placing a crown over the tooth. In some cases, we may get to the pulp and realize that the root is no longer healthy. If this is the case, a tooth extraction will be necessary. Following your child's pulpotomy, he or she may experience some pain and swelling. This is normal and should go away with some pain reliever. It's important that your child adopt a healthy brushing and flossing routine after their pulpotomy to avoid another one in the future.

Protect From and Prevent Decay

If your child has tooth pain when cold, hot, or even sweet things touch their teeth, they may require a nerve treatment, otherwise known as a pulpotomy. This is necessary when the pulp of your child's tooth is inflamed, often caused by tooth decay that has gone untreated. At Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, this relatively simple procedure is performed to remove any decay from the pulp of the tooth and clean the tooth up so it can remain healthy and intact. For more information on nerve treatment and if it may be necessary for your child, give our Allen, TX office a call to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists, Drs. Yvonne or Ajikwaga Felli.

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