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Allen, TX Dental Tooth Colored Fillings/ white composite filling.

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Tooth Colored Filling

Composite fillings are theTooth colored fillings used in children and adults.

What is a composite filling?

A composite filling is a tooth colored material used to to restore/repair teeth affected by decay, broken/cracked/fractured, chipped and worn out teeth.

Composite fillings come in different shades and therefore can be matched exactly to the patient's natural tooth color.  This filling material chemically bonds to teeth, are esthetically pleasing,  and are barely noticeable.

Uses of Composite fillings:

Decayed teeth

Chipped, fractured/cracked or broken teeth

Worn out teeth

How are Composite Fillings done?

Composite fillings are done in one visit. It may be done with or without numbing the area and this depends on the extent of decay/ fracture into the tooth structure. The area of decay is thoroughly  cleaned and prepared to receive the filling material. Decay close to the nerves will require a special medication known as a liner applied before the filling. This is to prevent post operative sensitivity. The filling is then shaped and polished accordingly to conform to the original shape and function of the tooth.


When to eat after composite fillings?

The patient is ready after the local anesthesia wears off but soft foods are recommended for about 24 hours.

In order for tooth colored fillings to last for many years, one needs to maintain good oral hygiene, healthy eating habits, and comply with the recommended dental visits for routine check ups.



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