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Allen, TX Lip Tie Release Surgery

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Lip Tie Release Surgery

What are Lip-tie?  

A Lip-tie is a condition that affects many children and adults, in which the connective tissue between the Lip and the gum is too thick, short, and/or overly restrictive. 

 What causes Lip-tie?  

Lip-ties develop naturally as a baby forms in the womb. Genetics is primarily thought to be responsible for lip-ties. Lip-ties do not spontaneously occur in adulthood, though symptoms of a Lip-tie may become more pronounced or bothersome as the child grows into adolescence and adulthood. 

 How do I know if my baby has a Lip-tie?  

In some cases, Lip-tie symptoms are mild and do not cause any problems. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of a Lip-tie include:             

 Difficulty breastfeeding or latching                             Breastfeeding causes pain for mother             Difficulty bottle-feeding                                               Fussiness and irritability (babies)                     Excessive Drooling                                   Gumming/chewing on nipples                                 Difficulty pronouncing certain words and sounds   Clicking or Smacking noise during breastfeeding   Slow weight gain or lack of weight gain                   Extremely fatigued by nursing                                 Colic or gas pain in babies                                       Narrow jaw development                                               High risk of decay

In adults, the complications of a  Lip-tie can lead to other issues due to overcompensation or adjustments made to eating and speaking. These can include TMJ problems, sleep disruptions, and others. 

How is a Lip-tie surgery done?                            

Lip-tie release at cuddly smiles pediatric dentistry and orthodontics is completed using CO2 laser ( this technique limits pain and bleeding and stimulates healing).

Patient is swaddled in a blacket or with a protective stabilizer based on age. Staff and patients are required to wear a laser protective eye wear, and parents are not permitted to stay in the room due to safety concerns.

Once patient is stabilized the area is numbed with a topical cream (under 12 months) or injected with local anesthesia (12 months and above).

The Laser procedure is completed within a few minutes.

What to expect after the procedure?

Slight discomfort. Tylenol or motrin may be used based on age and dentist instruction. 

Post-op stretching for the next 2-3 weeks is very important to prevent re-attachmnent of surgical site.

Avoid acidic and spicy foods and maintain optimal oral hygiene. 


Relieve Lip-tie symptoms at any age with laser frenectomy in Allen, TX  

If you or your child are struggling to eat or speak properly, it may be due to  tongue-tie or lip-tie. Find relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of tongue- and lip-tie today by calling Cuddly Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics to schedule your consultation for laser tongue-tie treatment in Allen, TX with Dr. Yvonne Felli today. 



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